Modular Visiting Manhole

Modular visiting manhole with a range of diameter between 600 mm ÷ 1200 mm from corrugated pipe.


  • Conic reduction from corrugated pipe
  • Insertion between the reduction and the column
  • Column for the manhole from corrugated pipe SN4
  • Lutting insertion between the base and the column
  • Column base with 3 in-goings entrances and 1 outgoing.
  • Fittings in the manhole base
  • Interior ladder with 30 cm interval
  • Encasing for tender book repartition

Monobloc Visiting Manhole

Monobloc visiting manhole produced from corrugated pipe, with heights from 70cm to 450cm and a range of diameters from 315mm to 1200mm.


  • Lifting element
  • PE cap
  • Insertion

Branch Corrugated Pipe Manhole

Branch corrugated pipe manhole with a range of diameters from 315mm to 600mm. The branch sewage are recommended for green spaces, yards, parking lots and streets with low or medium traffic.


  • In/Out base
  • Corrugated column
  • PE cap for green spaces
  • Iron cap
  • Fittings for the manhole base
  • Welded bell-mouth
  • Insertion

Manufactured Manholes

Manufactured manholes from corrugated pipe with a range of diameters from 630mm to 1200m. We produce manholes according to your needs. These can be with 1,2 or 3 entrances and one outgoing, straight or inclined. For more details, press the sizes and prices button.