Modular Visiting Manhole

Modular visiting manhole with a range of diameter between 600 mm ÷ 1200 mm from corrugated pipe.


  • Conic reduction from corrugated pipe
  • Insertion between the reduction and the column
  • Column for the manhole from corrugated pipe SN4
  • Lutting insertion between the base and the column
  • Column base with 3 in-goings entrances and 1 outgoing.
  • Fittings in the manhole base
  • Interior ladder with 30 cm interval
  • Encasing for tender book repartition

Branch Corrugated Pipe Manhole

Branch corrugated pipe manhole with a range of diameters from 315mm to 600mm. The branch sewage are recommended for green spaces, yards, parking lots and streets with low or medium traffic.


  • In/Out base
  • Corrugated column
  • PE cap for green spaces
  • Iron cap
  • Fittings for the manhole base
  • Welded bell-mouth
  • Insertion

Manufactured Manholes

Manufactured manholes from corrugated pipe with a range of diameters from 630mm to 1200m. We produce manholes according to your needs. These can be with 1,2 or 3 entrances and one outgoing, straight or inclined. For more details, press the sizes and prices button.

GEIGER - Drainage gully


The drainage manhole for drainage gullies can be used to collect rainwater in parking lots, yards, roads with low, medium and heavy traffic.

Drainage gully main body:

Built in high density polyethylene, it provides both high mechanical strength and long-lasting special resistance to the corrosion of chemicals compared to the classic concrete drainage gullies.

The standard height for sale is 0.8 m, but you can also choose an adjustable height depending on the request or the needs of the project. The height will be adjusted using the DE 315 500 mm telescopic tube.

The connection to Geiger, marketed as standard, is made possible using the dimensional range DE160, DE200.

Extremely easy to transport, handle and install.